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We received a call at the office from Dr. Benjamin Young MD, the senior vice president and chief medical officer of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC), and he filled us in on something pretty outstanding.

Denver is joining the ranks of nearly 50 other cities by signing what’s known as the Paris Declaration, in which mayors from around the world commit to ending the AIDS epidemic. (Mayor Hancock couldn’t be there, butDeputy Mayor Cary Kennedy will complete the inauguration.)

Tomorrow, at the AIDS Walk event in Cheesman Park, a ceremony will make Denver an official Fast-Track city, committed to the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS’ (UNAIDS’) 90–90–90 plan, which aims for 90 percent of people living with HIV knowing their HIV status; 90 percent of people who know their HIV-positive status being on antiretroviral treatment; and keeping 90 percent of people on treatment with suppressed viral loads healthy, thereby reducing the risk of HIV transmission.

The movement hopes to eradicate HIV/AIDS by 2020, and has nearly 50 of the 100 concentrated areas for HIV/AIDS transmission signed on.

Out Front will be writing a full feature on the international organization. In the meantime, make plans to check out the ceremony after you pound the pavement during tomorrow’s AIDS Walk.