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Earlier this week, Denver Health Medical Center decided to expand their offerings in “lower-body gender reassignment surgery.” Making it one of the only places in Denver where nonbinary and transitioning people can receive these specific medical procedures.

Fox31 Reports that “The hospital has performed more than 100 surgeries,” according to Kari Kuka, the administrative director of the LGBTQ Center of Excellence at Denver Health. In addition to the complete list of successfully completed surgeries, there is also an expansive roster of individuals who have been waitlisted until further notice.

However, Kuka told Fox31, “Denver health is here to care for the whole person, and there’s so much that we offer besides surgery.”  The LGBTQ Center of Excellence is dedicated to making sure members of the LGBTQ community receive the care they need.

Denver Health has been called an “oasis in the desert of LGBTQ health care,” which is nothing to scoff at, and Denver Health has been recognized five years in a row as a leader in LGBTQ health by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

Now, with its goal to expand its services and mission, Denver itself may soon become the epicenter for not only gender reassignment surgery but LGBTQ health overall. Previously, Trinidad, Colorado was known as the “sex change capital of the world,” but that is changing with this stride for expansion in LGBTQ health services.