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In what was one of the closest races this time around (and that’s saying a lot), magic mushrooms just barely passed, but they passed!

Before the elections, we reported on what Initiative 301 is all about and how it would impact our city. 

Now, according to Forbes, Denver Post, and CBS Newswho updated their previous coverage saying the measure failed, the measure has officially passed in the city of Denver. 

“It’s been one hell of a 21-and-a-half hours,” Initiative 301 campaign manager Kevin Matthews told the Denver Post. “If these results hold, this is an example of the absurd comedy of the great metaphor. Against all odds, we prevailed. This is what happens when a small team of dedicated and passionate people unite under a single idea to create change.”

“When we think about the kinds of things that are actually legal in this country today, products pumped full of sugar, alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, we don’t think, ‘Wow, these things are saving lives,’” Richard William Guerra, associate publisher of Sensi magazine and a local advocate for mushroom legalization, told OUT FRONT in April. “These aren’t things that are changing the structure of people’s mental capacity or making their bodies heal; we think of destruction.”

Under this new amendment, psilocybin mushrooms are now legal to possess in small quantities. This is only true within city limits, and no legal sales will be established at this time.