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No matter how 2016 treated you, we all could benefit from a little — or massive — dance break.

There’s something therapeutic about surrounding yourself with hundreds of sweaty people all bobbing and weaving to loud music pumping through high-quality speakers. There’s a connection to the music and people that swims through every vein in your body, and for the moment nothing else matters. Forget the election outcome. Forget your debts. Forget the shady queens and drama that fill your Facebook feed. Just dance.

Ring in the new year with Decadence 2016, a journey into the luxurious City of Dreams. The two-day extravagance, presented by Global Dance, AEG Live, and Live Nation, has announced an amazing lineup for both December 30th and 31st at the Colorado Convention Center.

As if good music and dancing wasn’t enough, the people who flock to this event each year come in their favorite party gear. We know the holidays are a special kind of hell for people, so we’re offering a simple solution for you. Wigs.

Take a peep at some of the sickening line-up this year and what wig would work best for each artist. Don’t worry about how hot the wigs will be, you’ll thank us after the Convention Center kicks you out into the cold of night.

Adventure Club 

Adventure Club released their freshman album, Red // Blue, on December 2 — the same day deadmau5 released their highly anticipated new album. Throughout the album, listeners get dreamy dance productions mixed with harder dubstep drops. Much like the name of the album title, the songs range from the more serene, slow tracks to the fast paced tracks that push anyone to stand up and start moving.

For this contrast, we’d suggest a wig that looks gorgeous while standing still, but once it’s in movement it delivers phenomenal visuals. If you’re a literal queen, grab one in red.


Basnectar has been around long enough to deliver us 12 studio albums. Since 2001, the American DJ has released a new album almost every year to stay relevant. This give you the golden opportunity to pick any wig as his style is consistently growing and evolving.

If you’re basing it off of his newest album, Unlimited, matching a wig with his aggressive bass can be tricky as you’ll want to make sure it stays secured on your head while also getting the full bounce effect the music provides. We’d suggest something full of life and movement to put those around you in a wig trance. Don’t go crazy with colors on this one, you’ll be trying too hard. (ProTip: bobby pin that wig on as tight as you can. Trust us.)


We’ve all heard the Chainsmokers coming through our car radios this summer. We tried to forget about #Selfie, and thankfully they let us with their more recent hits that have successfully bridged into pop culture. Don’t get crazy with this one. Go simple. Serve everyone ‘gurl, I don’t even want to be at Britney’s baby shower, I’d rather be twirling at the club’ realness.

Don’t let us down …


The young Australian DJ/Producer’s profile has grown immensely in the past few years. On his new album, he recruits an all-star cast including Beck, Little Dragon, Tove Lo, and Kai.

The tracks on his latest album, Skin, transport you to a mystical place filled with powerful — and sometimes distorted— vocals backed by beautiful melodies. To match his trippy vibe, you’ll want a wig that screams originality and, “kween you ain’t on drugs, you’re just a witness to all my beauty.”


Although Disclosure has already graced Denver with their presence earlier in the year, it seems they can’t get enough of the Mile High City. For those that don’t know disclosure, climb out from under the rock you call home and pay attention.

Brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence have taken both the UK and American pop music by storm. This is what Pitchfork had to say about their most recent album Caracal.

“Their pristine syntheses of UK garage, Midwestern vocal house, and hook-happy pop structures re-oriented the British pop charts and trickled into the American ones, opening the doors for pop-adjacent neo-house acts like Duke Dumont, Years & Years, and Rudimental (not to mention for Sam Smith).”

For a Disclosure wig, you’ll want to go simple but extravagant.