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Hayden Bass, if he’ll excuse me, is so dope. In his field, you expect nothing less — but as the retail director of downtown’s Local Product of Colorado, he’s got a mind like a steel trap for the work he loves.

But before the retail-minded Hayden gets into the business of it all, he wanted to talk to the readers of our magazine specifically: “Our staff is mostly LGBT,” he said. “We cover the spectrum from lesbian and gay to trans and pan,” he said like a proud father. The man knows who he wants on both sides of the counter, which also includes folks on the cutting edge of cannabis and its ensuant tech industry.

But first, I have to ask about the name, which, let’s be honest, has a very “Standard Corporate Cannabis Company” feel to it, which isn’t something Elon Musk, The Titan of Tomorrow, might name something that’s on the edge of tool’s blade. He shared a laugh, but has a backup. Though he threw out a few kitschy names we — in the nature of good sport — won’t drop, he said that though he didn’t name the company, he “gets it.”

“I think [the owners] wanted to go with something true to Colorado. We’re downtown based and didn’t wanna do something super Pot-Pot-Pot!” His gentle ribbing was both adorably childlike and astutely professional. “Honestly, we’re more about state and community — not just the actual product.”

Hayden said the team wanted to strive for ‘boutique,’ rather than chain. When asked to clarify, he said, “In some shops, you get this computer where you order your stuff, then get it from a window and leave. Some shops have a window-greeter, and you can tell you’re being ushered out as fast as possible, like at Wal-Mart or something.”

Local Product of Colorado wants you to walk around, take a look, and ask questions. Sounds pleasant enough. But if all dispensaries are filled with local-grown product, what makes Local Product of Colorado’s stuff any different?

“Community,” Hayden said. “We nurture the ‘family-business’ feel. Not just inside out boutique, but outside. We keep relationships with reputable people we know represent Colorado to the fullest.” He says there’s no compromise on integrity.

But what we do find similar to an Musk-esque business model is the fact that, like distinguished brewers and their carriers, Local Product of Colorado isn’t afraid to pioneer new brands that haven’t been given the light of day in other shops. In taking on little-known — but quality-tested —  products, the’ve become pioneers in the up-and-coming cannabis market. From new strains to the latest tech for vape pens, they’re laser-focused on upcoming trends.

“We’re one of the first in Denver where people get to try something no one’s had before,” he told OUT FRONT. “And it’s all been tested for high quality.” (Pun noticed, Hayden!)

But don’t take our word for it — go see for yourself! Before you go, check out their recreational ad on page 29.

One more bonus for medical patients? “We have $50 ounces for new medical members. After that, you get an ounce free every three months that you’re medical, as well as a free monthly 8th or a gram of wax every month.

“We’re a big family down here,” he said. “Come join in.”