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It’s a new dawn in Los Angeles, and after a decade we’ve finally been invited back into the lives of Bette Porter, Alice Pieszecki, and Shane McCutcheon. The L Word: Generation Q is alive and thriving after it’s premiere night on Sunday, December 8.

The Showtime series has returned to remind us all how very necessary the show is to LGBTQ representation in television. Although much time has passed, the series continues to embody the facets of living and loving in Los Angeles. It’s enough to remind you how much The L Word contributed to diversifying narratives of LGBTQ identities, while also entertaining the world with complex and relative topics.

The revival began with a signature L Word sex scene, another reminder of how edgy and satisfying The L Word was to the world. It appears Bette hasn’t aged at all, Los Angeles has been kind to her so we are now curious to see how she will treat the city. Bette continues to perpetuate strength and confidence, this time taking on a political role in the safety of Los Angeles, while handling the intricacies of raising a teenager (Angie).

Alice has moved on, thriving as the host of her very own talk show. The attention paid to her personal evolution has given her an added wisdom, which is a compliment to the Alice we know and love.

Shane has, and perhaps will always be, the one lesbian from The L Word that the world was wanting to return. She returns early in the premiere to explain to her close friends that she has decided to return to Los Angeles. The women quickly work together on a plan to help the transition.

The intimacy exhibited in the scene helps again, to remind everyone how much these characters were truly missed.

The new characters introduced in the series reboot share some sort of affiliation/relationship with one of the original characters. A new surprise is how very well the new characters have already resonated into the storyline, It’s impossible not to like Finley! The reuniting of close friends, with the promise of creating a new group to love, gives an entirely new generation the chance to experience the inclusivity that made the show so influential and unique.

As fans got the tingles counting down the minutes to the few beloved familiar characters returning, many were just as eager to meet the new up and comers in the L plus community.

The pilot does a fantastic job of quickly interconnecting this new generation as Alice’s chart once did. It’s an exciting time to be LGBTQ in Los Angeles. Watch The L Word: Generation Q  Sundays on Showtime.