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Teen Vogue recently published an article about anal sex, and the internet went crazy.

The piece focuses on the joys of anal sex for those with and without a prostate, and avoided gender pronouns or assuming that everyone having anal is a straight couple. It even mentioned that LGBTQ teens might need this info and find it helpful.

However, the internet went nuts on both sides of the spectrum. Of course, conservatives lambasted the publication for glorifying sodomy and gay sex.

“It is teaching them to be used by a guy, in a very dangerous way, for his pleasure and satisfaction,” stated an article published on Christian website The Stream. “It is giving the clear message to every teenage boy that it’s perfectly acceptable to sodomize a girl, to use her, even physically hurt her for the sake of an orgasm. And, of course, it is glorifying as good, normal and healthy, the harmful practice of homosexual sex.”

The piece was even knocked by some liberal feminists who felt the language was too focused on having a penis, because it referred to women as individuals who do not have a prostate, and left the clitoris out of its diagrams.

“What is this teaching the audience of a magazine aimed at teenage girls?” asked an article published by The Independent. “It tells them their identity is not ’woman,’ but rather ’non-man.’ It tells them that should they consent to anal sex; their body is just a hole for the man to penetrate, and the part of their body that is most sensitive and reliable for the female orgasm is so irrelevant that it doesn’t even warrant a label.”

Whether or not this article was 100% politically correct or possibly inflammatory, it still provided information on anal sex to an audience that is often just taught abstinence and left out of important conversations.