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LGBTQ-focused YouTuber and Instagram influencer Ally Hills has released a new song, “Not Now,” and this video is giving us California queer dreaming realness!

As we clutch onto those last weeks of summer, Hills is delivering a delightful fall aesthetic and bouncy vocals that you just won’t be able to get out of your head.

Breaking into the YouTube stratosphere more than seven years ago, Hills has acquired upwards of 760,000 followers, with videos like “How To Know If a Girl Is a Lesbian” having acquired more than 12.8 million views.

Branching out from the parody and reality realm, Hills is now taking a step into the real pop world, and we are loving it! In this majorly danceable and relatable tune, Hill takes us through that all-too-familiar tale of wishing you could start over again with that person who things went so wrong with.

“I know it ended but sometimes I just pretend that I would see you around/ We’ll fall in love again I don’t care when/ But I want you forever even if it’s not now.”

Turn the sound up on Ally Hills’ new song, “Not Now.”