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By Dr. Richard Asarch, Colorado Dermatologist

Our skin is not only the first thing that others see, it is also a visible reflection of our overall health. I like to refer to the analogy of a fine painting when helping patients choose which treatments will improve their skin’s health and appearance. If you picture your skin as a painting- our own work of art- then the treatments you choose will be the tools to help you improve the painting.

Colors and texture are immediately visible on the surface of a canvas. Much like a painting, as we age, fine changes happen at the surface. Discoloration or textural and tonal changes in our skin cause it to lose the vibrant, healthy appearance of more youthful skin. I recommend DermaSpa Rx Skin Nutrition Products, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments, Microdermabrasion- often combined with micro-channeling (DermaFrac) – chemical peels, and light fractional laser treatments to address the surface of the skin.

As we continue to age, the foundational layer of our skin begins to change, Damage to the underlying collagen and elastic fibers of the dermis cause our skin to lose its elasticity. The tools I use to repair the underlying structure of our skin- (the canvas)- are various lasers including: Sublative, Fractional, Radio Frequency, and Ultrasound treatments. All of these options help to tighten and thicken the dermis resulting in smoother and firmer skin.

As we age further, our skin becomes significantly more lax, and we start to lose supportive bony structures (the stretcher bars of the canvas) and supportive volume under the skin, which leads to a sunken appearance. To regain the contour of our beautiful “painting” we can improve the supportive structure with injectable fillers to replace missing volume and restore our youthful appearance.

Whatever stage you find your skin- “your work of art”- to be in, these non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures and treatment options can make a world of difference with little to no downtime. To augment these procedures, add effective topical agents such as those found in the DermaSpa Rx line of products to your skin care routine and enjoy creating and maintaining your own work of art.

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