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While exploring gender identity through outward self-expression, many folks take to the web to watch tutorial videos, see photos, and shop for beauty products in a safe and secure location. Yet, what if trying things outside of the binary gender expectation wasn’t so taboo, and there was a professional eager and ready to help answer questions and show the tricks of the trade?

Let’Em Have It Salon in Uptown is doing just that with a hands-on tutorial day in October that is open to all those who identify as gender fluid and trans. Giving folks a chance at exploring the craft of hair and makeup that can both highlight and blend the feminine and masculine facets in all of us is just one way these stylists are getting out from behind the chair and showing their support for the community.

On Thursday, October 12, TRANSformation will see makeup artists and stylists giving lessons on makeup techniques, beard styling and layering, and hair styling for short, long, and curly hair. Additionally, they will be demonstrating different products and discussing which products should be used, when, and where.

Special guest Madeine Haenel will also be leading an in-depth discussion on layering clothing for different body types just in time for fall.

Let’Em Have It wants to help you come up with your own sense of style in a safe space that embraces individuality.