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Midwestern darlings Real Friends have influenced the modern pop punk scene throughout their musical reign.

Lyrically, a lot of the band’s music is geared towards a variety of sides of mental health. It focuses on improvement and healing by acknowledging the dark and light of mental illness. Real Friends is composed of Dan Lambton, vocals; Dave Knox and Eric Haines, guitars; Kyle Fasel, bass; and Brian Blake, drums. Their sound has a variety of flavor that ranges from upbeat to slow and simple with a spotlight on the guitar and vocals.

The band’s current members were previously in other musical groups before the formation of Real Friends. Kyle was unhappy with the music he was creating in his other project, and wanted to try something new. After leaving his former band, Kyle and Dave later formed what is now Real Friends.

The band began to grow after the release of their EP, Everyone That Dragged You Here. Later their another EP, Put Yourself Back Together, was released June 4, 2013, landing Real Friends an EP review on Rock Sound. The band’s first full length album, titled Maybe This Place Is The Same and We’re Just Changing, was released a year later after their signing to Fearless Records.

Their latest album, Composure, was released July 13, and the band, and many fans and critics, feel it is their best compilation of music so far. This album explores self reflection and the feeling of uncertainty throughout.

“It touches on mental health and taking care of yourself as well.”

A lot of  people share the wonders of enjoying music that offers assistance or inspiration in one’s life.

It’s been an outlet for all of us. We all have been in others bands previously and I think its used as an outlet, weather it’d be emotionally. I know we always put the whole fun aspect first,” Kyle Fasel told OUT FRONT when asked about how creating music has helped the members.

Real Friend’s aptitude in creating Composure was influenced by their desire of wanting to improve from their previous album, Home Inside My Head. With their current record, the band explores a variety of different sounds in order to produce “something a little memorable and to create a record with a lot of depth.”

Prior to Composure’s drop, a few songs off the record were released. Kyle mentioned the rewarding feeling of the response due to fans being reeled back after their new music. Get By was the first single hinting to upcoming music followed by a music video for From The Outside. The music video incorporates colorful backdrops and visual expressions of what the song is about.

Real Friends is currently lucky enough to be one of the bands on the final year of Van’s Warped Tour.

“It’s sad to see it go, but it think it’s just that the model of the tour is kind of dated. I think it’s hard, from a business standpoint, to make money. With this many bands on the road and all these sponsors and stages, I think there’s a reason why music festivals have resorted to doing weekends. Like Lollapalooza and Riot Fest. I think it’s hard to keep it afloat with so much going on. The tour will be missed for sure.”

Due to the large scale exposure to hundreds of people, the punk-geared tour has helped many bands having the ability to gain new fans. The effect of the tour has been a major influence to many musicians throughout the years of monthly touring.

“Right now we’re really just trying to grind it out on Warped Tour and connect with the fans and put on the best show that we can. Denver is always great. It was a great show.”

Photo courtesy of Real Friends on Facebook