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It’s no secret that cannabis is one of the hottest commodities in Colorado. Since the state decided to recreationally legalize, no one is surprised that products have been flying off shelves day after day. But in addition to run-of-the-mill cannabis products like many types of flower, joints, and concentrates, there are a lot of high-end cannabis products that put an emphasis on quality and presentation. Here are a few of the companies that are leading the way in Colorado for top-of-the-line cannabis.

Blue Kudu

Chocolate is already considered a high-end commodity. If you want to impress a love interest or celebrate an important anniversary, you choose chocolate. Now, you can jazz up that gift with an infused chocolate that combines the gift of cannabis with the gift of sweets.

“Blue Kudu products are both medicinally beneficial and recreationally enjoyable,” explained Derek Ng, marketing director. “Our alcohol extraction method preserves the full spectrum of the cannabis plant’s cannabinoids and leaves no cannabis taste in our products. The quality of our products is what we’re most proud of. Only the finest, most carefully sourced ingredients are used in Blue Kudu products. Our chocolate is sourced from Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade Certified farms. Our dark chocolate is everything dark chocolate should be—rich and creamy without a bitter aftertaste while providing beneficial antioxidants.”

Frosted Leaf

While some dispensaries just focus on stocking the products that will sell well or that appeal to a mass audience, Frosted Leaf dispensary makes sure that they are providing quality products for the careful consumer.

“Frosted Leaf sets itself apart as a high-end cannabis store by not carrying generic ‘store brand’ products; instead most of our inventory consists of award-winning products,” said Sabrina Andrews, vice president. “Not only does Frosted Leaf carry award-winning brands, our inventory includes products from well-recognized vendors. Our unique approach to selling cannabis makes Frosted Leaf stand out from the rest of Denver’s dispensaries. Frosted Leaf offers a high-end marijuana shopping experience with superior quality and a cutting edge sophisticated approach to providing recreational cannabis for us to enjoy.”


When one thinks of premier cannabis products, a joint may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But for Kaviar, a company that has made a name for themselves with their signature pre-rolls featuring cannabis rolled in kief, joints are certainly a high-end commodity.

“Right from the start, we knew that we wanted to build a brand that both customers and dispensaries could count on for professionalism, consistency, quality, and innovation,” explained Kali Mutty, marketing director at Kaviar. “From production to packaging to working with our customers, Kaviar is focused on these principles. Our proprietary blend of top shelf flower, highly concentrated cannabis oil, and premium kief allows us to provide moments of euphoria through various consumption methods.”

While all of Kaviar’s products are extremely potent, the dosing is not a shot in the dark. They take care to make sure that each of their products offer the same punch.

“When you purchase Kaviar, you always know exactly what you’re getting.”

Concentrate Supply Company

One of the most popular ways to consume cannabis is to vape it in a pen, or take dabs of shatter or wax made from concentrated cannabis. Those who extract the product have to be precise and careful, and if it’s done well, that results in a quality product. Concentrate Supply Company takes this task very seriously, and creates a well-crafted concentrate.

“Our refined cannabinoid products undergo a process called molecular distillation,” said Kyle Williams of Concentrate Supply Company. “Once fully processed, the cannabinoids are free of any plant by-products. This yields an extremely pure, potent product that is suitable for multiple methods of consumption. CSC distillate typically hovers around 96-99 percent fully activated cannabinoids. Our purification methods are second-to-none, with the utmost consistency batch after batch.”


Every small variable counts when it comes to growing cannabis. Factors as minor as the type of light or additives in the soil can have a major impact on how a plant turns out. At Lightshade, the growers know that attention to detail is everything

“Lightshade uses the most cutting-edge cultivation techniques to grow the highest quality flower on a consistent basis,” said Shannon Brooks. “Their grow team constantly evaluates plant genetics and quality control cultivation methods to ensure that they are producing the best flower and concentrate products possible. Once their products are in their beautiful, comfortable Colorado-inspired stores, their incredibly knowledgeable staff is available to consult with their customers to educate them and to provide them with the best match between their products and their customers’ needs.”

Their careful methods have paid off, and the company has been the recipient of several local accolades.

“Lightshade has won several local and national awards for their product quality and high level of customer service,” she explained. “Additionally, Lightshade utilizes organic pest control and fertigation methods in their cultivation facilities. They consistently exceed compliance standards in testing and have a loyal base of cannabis connoisseurs who deem their product the best.”

DRAGON Originals

From high-quality caviar to CBD-infused elixirs, nothing says quality and attention to detail like the finely crafted products from Dragon Originals.

“Superior quality is the benchmark of every DRAGON Originals product, from our signature hash oils and caviar, to our delicious, super-food elixirs and deep-tissue CBD salve,” explained Greg Schriener. “We often talk to people wanting information about cannabis and how our products may help them. We have seen many miracles with our ‘patients’ over the years, and while it is all anecdotal, and we can’t make any claim… we know, and they know, and that’s all that matters… and that is most gratifying.”

Terrapin Care Station

Sometimes, the mark of a truly high-end producer is one that values a personal touch and caring for customers. Terrapin Care Station’s name says it all; they strive to treat customers with respect and provide good quality care, and they do so by offering top-of-the-line products.

“Terrapin Care Station has developed a selection of high-grade cannabis that provides its customers with a variety of tasting profiles and experiences,” said Selina Sena. “We pride ourselves on curating an assortment of homegrown strains of Terrapin-bred originals and popular classics, including our elite phenotypes Hell’s Angel OG, Princess Leia, and Grapefruit Durban, which test at over 30 percent THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. We pride ourselves on providing quality products that we can share with our customers at affordable prices.”

Terrapin also offers their own line of concentrates, and they carry high-quality infused products. Even though their products are carefully curated, they don’t upcharge for what they sell.

“Whether it’s to serve the needs of patients utilizing the medical marijuana system, or for adults who choose to incorporate cannabis into their active lifestyle, Terrapin Care Station prides itself on putting its customers first.”

TR Concentrates

Known as the pioneers of the live resin process for extraction, TR Concentrates go above and beyond when it comes to extractions and making concentrates.

“We strive to produce only the highest quality products to keep our customers happy and healthy,” explained William Palmer. “Though our product is on the high end of the spectrum, it appeals to everyone, both the connoisseur and the new user alike. Our wide range of products ensures that we do not shut anyone out, regardless of status or lifestyle. All different kinds are welcome here at TR and the proof is in our team. We have a very eclectic and dynamic team from all over our country, all from different walks of life. All of our employees are also TR customers because they know the care, time, and effort that goes into every single product we make. So when you ask who our products appeal to, it is easy for us to say everyone and all.”

In the Flow

Growing cannabis is an art in and of itself, and at In the Flow, that art is taken very seriously. Not only do the growers put care into every batch and crop, they also use only the finest products during the grow process.

“We are cannabis connoisseurs focused on ensuring the highest quality by maintaining small batches, attention to detail, and natural growing techniques,” explained Bonnie Bahlmann of In the Flow. “We believe that a clean environment, optimal soil health, and plants naturally rich in terpenes are the best way to ensure connoisseur-grade flower. We are passionate about cannabis and we strive to cultivate a flower for everyone so that they may experience an elevated purpose within their own lives and ‘Find Their Flow.’”

The company also believes in close attention to detail when it comes to testing products for purity and cultivating them with care.

“Quality care leads to quality product,” she explained. “Every batch of In The Flow flower is tested for terpene content, potency, and purity. In addition, our proprietary curing techniques ensure a terpene-rich experience our customers know they can rely on.”


Small, discreet, and easy-to-use, vape pens are definitely becoming the champions of the legal cannabis era. The pioneers of the vape pen revolution are O.PenVAPE, who were making classy and heavy-hitting pens back before many of the new vape pen companies existed. The secret? A commitment to quality and a line of Craft Reserve products that set them above the rest.

“Craft Reserve is our most potent and flavorful cartridge,” explained Jackson Tilley. “Molecular distillation allows us to isolate cannabinoids, remove impurities, and capture volatile terpenes for reintroduction to create an ultra-potent offering with pristine clarity. The strain-specific oil comes in indica, sativa, and hybrid dominances. We know you’ll love using them as much as we love creating them.”

Willie’s Reserve

A man who needs no introduction, Willie Nelson has been a cannabis advocate and activist for years, and now he has his own signature line of high-end cannabis products.

“Willie’s Reserve celebrates the timeless connection between culture and cannabis with products inspired by Willie Nelson’s journey as a musician, activist, and thought leader,” said Rachel Hurvitz. “At Willie’s Reserve we are proud to say that we always showcase weed worthy of Willie’s namesake. We provide access to the legendary stash by making Willie’s Reserve available everywhere voters say yes!”