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We all have dysfunctional families, but was anyone in your family ever a member of a cult who got killed in a bombing? If not (or even if so), the plotline of Other Desert Cities, presented by Cherry Creek Theatre at the Mizel Arts and Culture Center, will probably hold your attention.

The show opens in Palm Springs, CA, and at first, the scene set is pretty typical. Conservative parents clash playfully with liberal kids, and the generation gap is evident when the family interacts. While this is usually the setup for some entertaining drama, things get even weirder when you learn the sordid history of the family and the weird things that live in their past. 

As ar as execution of the show goes, the cast is on-point with their portrayal of a rich, dysfunctional family. The story is gripping and sad, but there is enough humor and lightness that it’s definitely enjoyable to watch. 

The set is also standout; real vintage, mod furniture sets the perfect stage for Palm Springs, and a light rig that changes color behind the windows to mimic the time of day is a detail I’d expect from a bigger theater. 

Grab tickets here to see the show before April 28 when the run is over.