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Mardi Moore is Boulder County’s Wonder Woman. For Moore, Wonder Woman really has it all. She’s brave and tenacious in the face of adversity, and her passion drives her to pursue justice for all.

“It’s all about Wonder Woman for me,” Mardi said when asked about which superhero she would take the identity of. “There are so many challenges that have taken us many lifetimes to get as far as we have gotten. With her powers, you could accomplish that in a day. ”

Mardi would use her superpowers to lift up kids and change systems—and she would do it today.

“If I had that power, I would be glad to wear that cape.”

Moore is the Executive Director of Out Boulder County, a non-profit organization that provides education and advocacy, and a multitude of programs for Boulder County’s queer community. According to Moore, a lot of change emanates from Boulder, and it is crucial to be at the forefront of that change.

At Out Boulder, Moore oversees everything from the volunteer coordination to working intersectionally with other prominent non-profit organizations in Boulder to organizing and leading Boulder Pride. Her goal? To bring everyone to the table and to make sure every voice is heard. And she does just that.

Today, Moore is working with the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Boulder and St. Vrain Valley school districts, and businesses between Boulder and Longmont. But beyond her day-to-day work, Moore strives to advocate for the LGBTQ community in every aspect possible.

Being a Colorado native, Moore knows the ins and outs of the Boulder and Longmont communities. Creating visibility within these communities is critical to helping inclusion. This mission is exemplified in the opening of the Pride House in central Boulder. Dating back to 1994, the annual Boulder Pride became such a beloved event that Out Boulder decided to formally open a center in Boulder in 2002, calling it the Pride House. With an official location, the Pride House serves as a beacon of hope and progress for the LGBTQ community and its allies. Not long after, Longmont opened a center on Main Street.

Moore explained that these centers are helping create visibility and recognition for the LGBTQ community. For her, this means that every child that passes by and sees the vibrant rainbow flags can know that they are in a community that welcomes all people. She hopes this kind of visibility encourages a passersby to be their truest selves and know that they are welcomed and loved.

But Moore doesn’t stop at the simple flying of a flag. She continually works with the Boulder and St. Vrain Valley School Districts to promote anti-bullying groups, inclusive dress codes, and education programs for both youth and adults about inclusivity and self-expression.

Just recently, Moore received notice that the Board of Directors for the St. Vrain Valley School district unanimously voted in favor of policies that Moore herself helped pioneer and promote designed to protect queer youth and allies and to advocate for a more embracing environment in schools.

Her reason and motivation? Moore says it has a lot to do with power. But similarly to everything else Moore does, she gives whatever she’s got right back to the community. Power, from her perspective, is something to be used with great caution.

“I’m all for power, I have some power in my position, but as soon as I get a hold of it, I hand it to somebody else,” she said. “Power is meant to be shared. Power is not for one person to hold.”

Moore does just that. Through her position at Out Boulder County, Moore is invited to be a part of many county-wide meetings, political and social events, and district board discussions. At each of these, there is one thing on Moore’s mind: “How can I invite the queer community into this? And how can I give the power back to them?”

Moore feels most empowered when she is helping benefit others. Her vision has always been achieving equality by breaking down systems of power. Every day, Moore works to change the hearts and minds of people in order to increase support for the LGBTQ community. Moore knows there is a strength in numbers, and with the vision of creating allies in every corner of Boulder County, she puts her power to work by placing it in the hands of those she thinks can better the community.

Mardi Moore is nothing short of Wonder Woman. She is driven, persistent, compassionate, and—above all else—she is brave. Moore says there is a lot of work to still be done, but she’s willing to put in the effort.

“You change hearts one person at a time, and I think you change minds the same way.”