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For those of us that are glued to RuPaul’s Drag Race, we all know what Leganja Estranja is all about — weed. C’mon, her name literally means “The Strange Weed,” and that is exactly what she delivers.

From the moment she walked on set of season 5 and gave us all the death drop we deserve, she won our hearts. Was she annoying? Maybe. Was she entertaining? One hundred percent. Go into any gay bar around the city and you’ll hear her catchphrases at least three times. And that is the minimum. She made her mark, and we are forever grateful.

Yesterday, one of the queerest YouTube channels, WOWPresents, released a video of the queen of ganja sitting down with Denver YouTuber Arend Richards — the Gay Stoner — to smoke weed and play some games. The games, meant to test how the brain works on weed, weren’t all that challenging but the chemistry between the duo is hilarious.

Check out the video below, and visit Richards’ YouTube channel for cute, weed videos.