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Friday the 13th is here, and to make things even better, it’s in the month of October. Here are just a few movies and hangout ideas for this unlucky day.

This Friday, the entertainment industry took the opportunity to release their spookiest films. It’s a smart idea, if you ask me.

The first film gaining attention before its current release is Happy Death Day. With a rating of 6/10 on Rotten Tomatoes, the film is described as a humorous spin on a slasher flick. The protagonist of the film has the objective of not being murdered on her birthday. Other than the homicide, the main goal is to prevent Tree Gelbman, played by Jessica Rothe, from re-living the same day each time she gets killed. Happy Death Day hits theaters today, so face your fears and leave the house.

Another film releasing today is titled American Satan. The drama about an aspiring rock band chasing their dreams. As they group makes their way into the music scene, they’re faced with the dark side of the industry. The film was developed with an arsenal of musicians. The protagonist of American Satan is Andy Biersack. Also starring are Ben Bruce, Danny Worsnop, and Malcolm McDowell. The voice of the band’s frontman is actually Remington Leith from Palaye Royale. American Satan is a drama-filled movie with a progression of ear and eye candy.

The Fear of 13 is a documentary about a falsely accused murder during his time in death row. The doc will definitely pull some heartstrings, if you’d prefer a cry rather than a fright. The Fear of 13 is on Netflix. I figured it would be rude to leave it out.

Aside from movies, there are plenty of hands-on activities going down today as well.

It is essential for people to learn how to roll two specifically calming objects: joints and sushi rolls. My 420 Tours is hosting a class tonight at seven to teach folks how to roll the well-paired objects. Grab a pal and get munching and smoking.

Warm Cookies at the Nicholas Building is putting together a Netflix and Chill event. It is free, but donations are appreciated. Tonight at six the 1984 movie Red Dawn will show, then a discussion about the film will commence afterwards.

Tonight, check out black out night at Charlie’s. A party this dark and spooky will surely lift the spirits of the frightening superstitions associated with today.

Tracks is also hosting a DJ night to raise spirits, maybe literally. Not only will it be loud and colorful, the theme is Bladerunner 2049, so expect some cool costumes.   

Despite the fear some may have about the number 13, there is more then a handful of events and movies to go explore. For those who decide to brave it and venture outside tonight, good luck. You’ll need it.