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It’s been a long week, and personally ,I’m feeling both encouraged and discouraged with the Trump impeachment. There’s no better way to welcome in the weekend and forget the troubles of life than to put on some new tunes and get lost in another world. Music cures everything.

We’ve selected a few new releases that are hyper feeling-centric ans need to get on your radar. These fab femmes are delivering the latest in sadgirl, hip hop, and experimental indie rock that will fulfill any ardent January weekend adventure.

Crown- “Sick Love”

With a name and signature headpiece to symbolize personal empowerment, Crown has found an aesthetic and attitude  intended to expand the status quo. Crown’s recent single “Sick Love” is about an unhealthy relationship that is inescapable due to the strong physical attraction between the pair. An upbeat tempo with dark undertones, the track has an almost innocent vibe to it. By incorporating poetic lyrics over trap-style beats, all of Crown’s music blends her unique background and life experiences with relationships and religion.

Pongo- “Canto”

Angolan-Portuguese singer and rapper Pongo captures a mindset with the single “Canto,” meaning “I Sing,” which is delivered in Portunol, a blend of Portuguese with elements of Spanish. A celebration of her turbulent path to a career in music, Pongo’s sandy vocals above the Latin rhythms of mambo feel both futuristic and borderless. Fleeing to Portugal with her family to escape Angola’s civil war as a child, Pongo endured racist abuse at school and survived a horrific accident, falling several stories through an open window.

“This song describes the happiness I feel while making music. I’m trying to use latin rhythms and their particular ambience. I love mixing and discovering,” Pongo said.

Lila Gold- “Bedroom”

“Bedroom” slows down Lila Gold‘s experimental, layered pop sound into a down-tempo ballad, letting her own production chops and vocals shine. Written at the foot of her bed, the track mirrors Gold‘s struggles with depression, anxiety, growing up, and turning to fantasy as an escape. A deep dreamer, Gold finds songwriting and producing to be a cathartic release, wrapping her heavy, existential doubts up into infectious pop bangers.

Soccer Mommy- “circle the drain”

Sophie Allison, aka Soccer Mommy, has just announced sophomore album color theory, which will be released February 28. With the lead single “circle the drain,” color theory is intended to explore three central themes: blue, representing sadness and depression; yellow, symbolizing physical and emotional illness; and gray, representing darkness, emptiness, and loss. Allison investigates a traumatic past in exacting detail and has found inroads for healing through self acceptance.

Michelle Kash- “Personal Jesus”

Singer-songwriter Michelle Kash released her moody, sultry cover of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” that serves as an artful peek into Michelle’s world. With a smoky, soulful delivery, Kash’s seductive, fiery take on alternative pop is equally evocative and empowering in its confidence and charisma. In addition to her music, Kash has had a lifelong commitment to philanthropy and advocating for gender equality and female empowerment and is a fierce fighter for animal rights.

*Featured photo of Crown provided by Crown.