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In three words? It sure is.

Genitals that have a penis and genitals that have a clitoris
aren’t actually that different from each other. Humans are built with similar structures regardless of sex. People with penises ejaculate, so of course people with clitorises ejaculate too!

“What does it feel like?”

Orgasm and ejaculation are two separate functions. In people with penises, these two things often happen at the same time (but they don’t have to). In people with clits and vaginas, they often happen separately. A lot of folks explain the feeling of ejaculation as very different than an orgasm. It’s more of a release, energy moving out into the air, than it is in your body. Orgasm is often described as energy moving through and within your body.

“How much comes out?”

There is no “normal” amount. People have reported ejaculations ranging from 1/8 of a teaspoon to over a cup (or more) of fluid.

“What is it?”

Good question. You won’t be surprised to learn that there have been very few studies done on female ejaculation or on other aspects of pleasure that have to do with the bodies most commonly associated with women. But, here’s what we do know: It’s not pee. It contains glucose, prostate fluid, blood products, and trace urine. Unlike vaginal lubrication, it feels just like water. Often, when folks squirt, they need to add lube because the squirting has washed away lubrication.

“How do I do it?”

For most folks, the best way is to stimulate the g-spot. Let’s get you there!

We’ll start with a tour of clitoris-based genitals. Start at the front. The first thing you’ll find is the clitoris. Now go back just a little bit. In the folds of the opening of the vagina, there’s the opening to the urethra. Then, there’s the opening to the vagina.

The urethra extends up in the body to the bladder. Around the bladder is spongy tissue called the Skene’s Glands. When someone is turned on, that tissue swells and can be felt by pressing on the front wall of the vagina. Why would you do that? Because that’s the g-spot! Only, it’s not a spot — it’s an area that’s 1–2” long.

“How do you stimulate the
g-spot and get to ejaculation?”

First, make sure that you’re well hydrated (drinking lots of water is good for so many things!), go to the bathroom and pee, put down a towel, and get really turned on. Masturbate, have sex, watch porn, read erotica — whatever works for you. Then, start applying rhythmic pressure to the g-spot. Use that come hither gesture with your or a partner’s fingers or try a toy with a curve like the Njoy Pure wand. Often, continued clitoral stimulation is helpful. Use a vibrator. Have an orgasm (or two). Eventually, you’ll get to a point when you feel like you have to pee. Don’t stop! You’re not going to pee. Your body is telling you that you’re close to ejaculating. Take a deep breath, relax, bear down, push out, and see what happens.