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For a long time, the lesbian community has touted Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi as a shining example of the perfect couple. But is there trouble in paradise?

According to LGBTQ Nationthe two have been caught looking unhappy on couple’s outings, and have been spotted in a few serious fights out in public. They are also selling their fabulous mansion in Santa Barbara. All of this has celebrities, queers, and regular folks gossiping that the hot couple may be splitting.

Of course, this is all harmless celebrity gossip at this point, and nothing has actually been confirmed. A tabloid reported that the two were fighting over whether they should indulge in a big anniversary celebration or just try and work on their marriage. A server at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood reported seeing the couple looking down when they stopped in for a visit.

So until this comes to some kind of head, it’s just idle gossip. Idle, but fun.