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There’s a new venue in town: not just any new venue, but one that recently snagged the Westword award for Best New Venue, even though they’ve only been around since November. This club is known as the Black Box, and it is home to all things underground and electronic.

Dubstep is the main focus of Black Box founder Nicole Cacciavillano, who has been running the extremely successful label and booking agency Sub.mission for years. But already drum n’ bass, techno, juke, grime, trap, and many other forms of underground EDM are finding their way either onto the main stage or into the free lounge area. Essentially, the space is acting as an underground haven for shows that may not find booking elsewhere, and so far Cacciavillano has received an extremely favorable response for her efforts.

“The Black Box offers an experience unlike any other club,” she explained to OUT FRONT. “We are not trying to be fancy. The lounge has amazing artwork and music and is free most every night. We offer drink specials different nights of the week, and we have an amazing patio that we are starting to transform into an amazing summer space. The Black Box is deep, dark, and dangerous with a top-of-the-line sound system that will send vibrations from your toes to your nose.”

The ambiance of the Black Box is dark and dingy without being claustrophobic. The rooms are painted entirely black, but the light-up, Day-Glo art on the walls and the projection screen for VJs in the main room, along with the rumbling bass and incredibly affordable drinks, make for a cozy and inviting experience.

Cacciavillano said she was first inspired to open the venue because of the feeling she gets when standing in front of an amazing sound system. That raw passion for music, combined with the extreme community and unity felt in scenes like underground dubstep and drum n’ bass, have inspired a club that is less about being seen, picking up dates, and getting trashed and more about having genuine fun and appreciating the music.

She claims that her goal for the Black Box is to have “A dark space where people can lose themselves to the music. A space where you can enter and enjoy the music and not worry about people looking at you while you let loose on the dance floor.”

The venue also boasts inclusion for all, as according to Caccivaillano, it is a queer-friendly space.

“The Black Box is a safe space for all,” she explained. “Everyone is treated equally, no exceptions to that rule.” She also added that staff, artists, and fans who identify as LGBTQ come through regularly.

Open every Tuesday through Saturday, the Black Box is one of the newest places to see electronic music and grab a drink.