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Ever since The Babadook was accidentally added on Netflix as an LGBTQ film, the towering, black monster has become a queer cultural icon, and he is embracing this status with open, terrifying arms.

The 2014 indie horror flick is about a monster who terrifies a woman and her son from the basement. But he isn’t really all that evil, just misunderstood. The film already worked well as a metaphor for domestic trouble and depression, and it translates perfectly into the issues that face the LGBTQ community, hiding out in basements or closets to escape being seen as a menace to society.

Now this monster is being seen as a culture symbol, popping up all over for Pride week. He serves as both a reminder of the horror and death that still haunts our community and the issues we still face, as well as a goofy cultural icon. Like most things in the queer community, the Babadook has two faces – one for comedy and one for tragedy and terror.

In support of the community it has accidentally inspired, New Now Next reports that The Babadook will return to the silver screen in L.A. June 23 through 27 at Arena Cinelounge Sunset. The theater is also holding a Babadook cosplay event and a cultural talk about the figure.

Some monsters are meant to come out of the closet, and it looks like the Babadook was definitely one of them!

Cover image courtesy of GLAAD on Twitter