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Aries:  A new way of acting and seizing life’s opportunities is becoming clear to you. The desire to react or deliver with speed may consume you; however, be advised to think things through first. Something or someone is being left behind. A new business adventure or trip looks to grace you with abundance!

Taurus:  Your creative focus is at a high now! People are recognizing your talent. An unfamiliar but golden opportunity is being offered. Be encouraged to share your gifts and collaborate with those people who call to you this month! Trying a new activity within your love life looks beneficial!

Gemini:  Some unresolved squabble or inner tension is resurfacing. Avoid taking on too much responsibility this month so that you may focus on mending any old wounds. A lot of headway can be made at this time! Persistence within your career looks to pay off. A project is reaching its end.

Cancer:  You’re gaining a broader vision for your future. You may feel as if you have no choice but to turn your back on someone. It’s important to remove any toxic friendships that may be blocking your growth. A relationship from the past has something important to share with you.  Listen.

Leo:  Rapid results are appearing for you! It will be in your best interest to be honest and clear with what you want from the next step in your career. Be empowered to break away from past structures and ties. A sense of justice and peace is manifesting from a past influence. Unmask yourself and show your worthy soul.

Virgo:  Someone’s sexual magnetism is distracting you from your day-to-day routine. A relationship needs work. Some pain may result from the healing process this month, but the lessons shall be welcome! You are learning to see relationships in a different light. Share the weight that you may feel.

May 4 – New moon in Taurus
May 18 – Full moon in Scorpio
May 21 – Sun enters Gemini
Happy birthday
Taurus and Gemini!

Libra:  A tight bond with someone may have been formed that is now being challenged. You may experience some disapproval this month. Your foundation is being tested. Exercise confidence and state your truth. Conserve the assets that you have and give yourself some quiet time.

Scorpio:  It will benefit you to take a break from studying or obsessing over a subject. Matters of the heart and how you relate to others are being put under a microscope this month. Are you being too hard on yourself? A visit with family relatives looks rejuvenating! A new level of emotional maturity will be reached.

Sagittarius:  Whatever you have been so passionate about is manifesting quickly in May! Continue to profess and nurture your wishes, especially when it comes to love. You may find yourself reaching the end of the rainbow. Messages concerning your deepest desires are coming. You’ll find strength in vulnerability.

Capricorn:  Some tough love may be dished out. A lesson may be coming back to repeat itself.  Take full responsibility this month and watch how things turn quickly in your favor! When fear, confusion, or blockage come up, try redirecting your energy rather than persisting the same way you typically do. Redirection is key.

Aquarius:  Your sight is fixated on someone’s strength and vision. The other person’s example has some wisdom to offer you. Turn away from the distractions at some point and just be present. Some revitalizing inspiration is making its way to you! Choose the path that excites and liberates you the most.

Pisces:  You may find yourself in more of a leadership position where more initiative is asked of you. Be prepared for long and hard work! The passion you pour into your work now can be very progressive! Be aware of quarrelsome people at the end of the month. Give yourself some self-love! Only you areresponsible for changing you.