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The Colorado Health and Human Services Committee moved ahead with their new contentious sex ed bill, bringing it before the Senate.

As we previously reported, HB 19-1032 would move the conversation forward from just abstinence-based education into talking about important issues like LGBTQ relationships and consent. As a video by 9News confirms, contrary to popular belief, although the bill would open up these new subjects, it would not explicitly explain sex acts to teenagers.

9News also reports that several amendments have been added to the bill. One would teach youth about the dangers of sex trafficking, and another would allow parents to opt their children out of the new education system if they are opposed.

It still remains to be seen if this bill will pass, but if it does, it will offer a more comprehensive sex education to Colorado teens, and the new system will be a lot more inclusive to queer teens.

UPDATE 4:30pm: The bill has passed another Senate committee, amid further controversy and public testimony.