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A book focusing on important and inspirational stories, Nevertheless, We Persisted is set to launch tonight at 7 p.m. The event will be hosted by BookBar at the gymnasium in Rocky Mountain Prep.

The book holds personal essays touching a variety of topics: race, gender, and sexual identity. Geared towards our youth, the book offers 48 stories of hopeful endurance through difficult situations. Nevertheless, We Persisted features Colorado locals such as Leslie Herod, Colorado State Representative; and Tay Anderson, teen activist and Denver School Board candidate. A vast amount of  politicians, musicians, and teens all share their encouraging experiences.

Tonight’s event will consist of readings from Leslie Herod, Tay Anderson, poet Azure Antoinette, disabled coach Jess Markt, Holocaust survivor Fanny Starr, and founder of The Girls Athletic Leadership Schools Liz Wolfson. 

“Stories have the power to light a spark, to transform, and to connect us to things much greater than ourselves. I hope that when young people pick up this book, they see reflections of themselves, and find inspiration to persevere in the face of ignorance, intolerance, and many of life’s challenges.” Leslie Herod commented.

Children and teens under 18 enter free, and adult tickets are $20 plus a fee. Each ticket purchase includes a book.

Make sure to stop by and listen to just a few of the influential Colorado stories stemming from Nevertheless, We Persisted.