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If you’re looking for some good ol’ fashioned gospel revival for New Year’s Eve—and let’s face it, who isn’t—come out to Hi-Dive and check out Slim Censna’s Auto Club to hear the word of the Lord—kind of.

No, they aren’t truly a gospel band, and they travel more in the circles of punk and metal than they hang with church groups, but their live experience offers the same intense energy you can get from a gospel show in a church or some other sacred awakening.

“Rising from the fertile ground of the Denver country gospel scene, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club’s fever-drenched sound is steeped in the finest Pentecostal raving of a vengeful God and straining toward an unlikely redemption,” their press releases states. “The band are announcing their annual New Year’s Eve shows at Hi-Dive December 30 and 31 with Kid Congo Powers & the Pink Monkey Birds and Hang Rounders.”

The music Denver-based Slim Cesna’s Auto Club make has to be heard to be believed. It’s a little like being in a church but feeling the power of a completely new spirit move through you. It’s emotional and powerful, but also a little weird and experimental. Fans of throwback folk sounds and rowdy parties will love it.

“We treat our shows differently than our records,” Cesna said in an interview with Twangri-la. It’s a different experience live. The songs are given even more freedom in a live setting, and we are known as a great live band. That is something we take a lot of pride in and we worked really hard to be.”

To experience the band live in all their glory, head to Hi-Dive tonight or tomorrow night and ring in the new year with Slim Cesna. Individual nights are $20-25, and a two-day pass is $40. Grab tickets here or learn more on Hi-Dive’s website.