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This week, a car drove through a crowd of protesters at a vigil in St. Louis for a trans woman. While the incident only resulted in minor injuries, that driver has not been apprehended.

Kenny “Kiwi” Herring, the trans woman who passed away, was allegedly murdered by a police officer. The officer claims that while responding to a call about a victim who was stabbed, Herring was discovered holding a knife. Herring allegedly slashed at the officer’s arm, which resulted in her being shot. She died at the scene of the crime, leaving a widowed wife and three children.

Friends dispute the fact that Herring was armed and the perpetrator of a stabbing crime before the police arrived.

“That can’t be true what they’re saying,” Herring’s nephew Nicholas Herring stated in an interview with The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Kenny was just kind, caring and hilarious.”

Friends and family are still reeling from this loss and trying to make sense of what happened, as well as the added horrific shock of the vigil’s attacker.