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With Halloween only weeks away, many of us will either use festivities as a welcome mat for unquestionable drag or a chance to sit alone with a bag of candy watching Netflix. Here are some upcoming films you need to appreciate, whether you are watching them after a night of partying or at home, alone, in the dark. 

If you’re looking for a better version of Twilight, snatch you some Penny Dreadful.

The show takes place around the Victorian era, and the dark visuals foreshadow the characters and storyline. Following the devil’s desire for Vanessa Ives, the main protagonist, Eva Green’s wicked acting is displayed while performing intense scenes containing topics like possession. Ethan Chandler, portrayed by Josh Hartnett, plays the love interest of Ms. Ives, as well as an American traveling show performer who is hired for his shooting skills by Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton). Ethan is also a werewolf, which is revealed later in Penny Dreadful.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein, played by Harry Treadaway, is a young mortician hired by Sir Malcolm as well, to investigate the creatures who have his daughter captive. Victor’s intelligence manifests when he is able to revive a corpse, The Creature.

Now, Dorian Gray, portrayed by Reeve Carney, is hot. He’s so fine, in fact, Ethan Chandler shows interest in him. While on absinth, the two end up having sex. That in itself is a reason to watch the show.

Angelique is a trans character in the show, played by Jonny Beauchamp. She is one of the many encapsulated by Dorian’s charms.

The main plot is the team trying to find Sir. Malcolm’s daughter, Mina, in the first season, but later it develops further.

Penny Dreadful puts a dark and heavily realistic look on the haunting tales we are all frightened of. The charter development of the show only strengthens your love of all of the characters. The show originally aired in 2014 on Showtime. After three seasons, it ended in 2016, but it has won over six television show awards.

Despite the two-year gap since its last air, the show has made it to Netflix. Binge a scary and heart-pulling tale for this spooky month.

Mean Girls

If one is not in the mood for such scary content, resort to Mean Girls.

Mean Girls, we’ve all seen it.

One of the scenes displays Lindsay Lohan’s character, Cady Heron, not getting the memo of hot costumes rather than scary ones for her first Halloween party. If that’s not a mood, then I’m not sure what is.

We also stan a gay queen, Damian.

Mean Girls is just a classic to watch year-round, so this time is no different.

The Babadook

The Babadook is about a mother and son both grieving the loss of a husband and father. He died in a car wreck while taking Amelia to the delivery room. Throughout the movie, Samuel, the boy, expresses his fear of a storybook character. While battling the loss of a husband, Amelia must now deal with the traumatizing monster that is The Babadook.

Since its release in 2014, the internet has done wonders with Babadook by making it a queer icon. This happened because Netflix accidently put the movie in the queer section of their offerings, resulting in all kinds of jokes from queer fans. The figure can be seen behind the rainbow flag and holding one in memes all over the internet. Many have even dressed as the horror character. Now you know The Babadook is an inspirational queer person. We can all congratulate him on his acting skills.


Dia de los Muertos is celebrated in Mexico from October 31 to November 2. The celebration is about honoring the dead by leaving food and gifts and partying in order to commemorate the time of being alive. It’s believed the dead come back from the afterlife to see their families. Instead of visiting people with morbidity about their passing, they are welcomed by vibrant colored calaveras (sugar skulls), dance and music.

Coco tells the story of Miguel, a young boy whose grandma does not welcome the sound of music into the family’s lives. This is because of the believed neglect from Mama Imelda’s husband. Since he disappeared, music was no more. However, Miguel adores music and finds time to play the songs of his favorite artist, Ernesto de la Cruz.

On the day of the dead, Miguel finds himself in Ernesto de la Cruz’s grave because of the belief they’re related and then transported to the Land of the Dead. While there, he makes it his mission to meet Ernesto. Because Miguel is not dead, he must leave the Land of the Dead before he becomes a skeleton, like his dead relatives.

Miguel then discovers the true reason behind music being banned in his family and why people say “Never meet your idols.”

The cast includes wonderful actors and actresses such as, Edward James Olmos and Ana Ofelia Murguía, a well-known Mexican actress.

Coco captures the beauty of Latino culture. The visuals of the movie stand out with so much color, enough to leave you wanting more. The irony of the telling of a family without music is seen in a film with a heavenly and heavy soundtrack.

Coco will pull some heart strings for sure.

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