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HB19-1039 ,the bill that will make it easier for trans people to change their birth marker, passed committee today in Colorado and will move to the House floor.

This is a bill that One Colorado has been backing for a while now, as it would make it possible for trans people to more easily change their birth markers to reflect their identity without having to out themselves or make their gender a topic of daily conversation.

“For the last four years, we’ve passed similar legislation and passed the House with bipartisan support,” said One Colorado Executive Director Daniel Ramos at a press conference today. “And unfortunately, every single year, Senate republican leadership killed our bill. But this year it’s different; with pro-equality majorities in both the House and the Senate and a pro-equality governor, we are hopeful that this is the year that transgender and nonbinary Coloradans will be able to access identity documents that match who they are.”

The bill still needs to pass the House proper and the Senate and then be signed into law by Polis, but as Ramos explains, there is a lot of hope in the air this year.