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Although he failed to mention Pride month, Donald Trump seized the opportunity to Tweet about the PULSE massacre yesterday.

Mike Pence, supporter of gay conversion therapy and general public enemy number one of LGBTQ acceptance, echoed the sentiment in a tweet of his own.

This sent queer activists on the internet into a frenzy of anger and rage. In addition to the slights already dealt by the Trump administration to the LGBTQ community, he congratulated himself for being right about Islamic terrorism when the tragedy occurred last year, via Twitter, of course.

“Appreciate the congrats on being right on radical Islamic terrorism,” he wrote.

The LGBTQ community quickly called Trump out for being a hypocrite due to his anti-gay agenda, and for using this tragedy as a way to further his Islamophobic agenda. The online response makes it clear that people are not ready to accept trump as a queer ally after one supportive Tweet.