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An Apple store app was just removed because it supports conversion therapy.

According to New Now Nextthe app was created by Living Hope Ministries, a Christian non-profit that subscribes to the conversion therapy narrative and promotes a closer relationship to Jesus by eliminating homosexual tendencies.

The app was removed when Truth Wins Out, an LGBTQ rights organization, started a petition against it.

“We thank Apple for exemplifying corporate responsibility and taking swift action to remove a dangerous app that stigmatizes and demeans LGBT people,” said Truth Wins Out executive director Wayne Besen in a statement, according to New Now Next. “Ex-gay programs are consumer fraud and cause significant harm to the people they purport to help.”

He is also fighting to have the app removed from some other platforms where it is still available, such as Google and Amazon.

“Every minute this heinous product is available on these platforms, the potential exists for it to harm LGBT youth,” he added. “We demand that Google and Amazon immediately stop selling and promoting this app, which dehumanizes LGBT people.”