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The judge who made waves by refusing to hear same-sex adoption cases just skipped his own disciplinary hearing.

According to New Now NextKentucky Judge Mitchell Nance, the man who claimed that there is no way “the best interest of the child [could] be promoted by the adoption by a practicing homosexual,” is either not concerned about the results of his disciplinary hearing, or was unable to attend for some reason. Nance was originally brought up on disciplinary charges because he flat-out refused to hear the cases of queer individuals looking to adopt.

He was due to appear before the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission in Lexington last Friday, but failed to show up. While he didn’t give a reason for his absence, many speculate that because he just resigned, he is not concerned about the outcome. The commission met without him, and has not yet reached a decision.

Nance claimed that he refused to hear these cases because he was following the rule that a judge should not hear cases if they have a personal bias regarding the outcome of the case. The state of Kentucky felt that he failed to uphold standards of conduct, comply with the law, and stay impartial as a judge.

Whether or not Nance cares about this case, the outcome could have an impact on queer cases overall, as it would set a precedent, at least in Kentucky, that judges must hear queer cases regardless of personal bias.