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Ahead of International Transgender Day of Visibility, America in Transition, an intimate series of personal character portraits of transgender people of color, is premiering online via queer streaming platform Revry, as a Revry Original.

The award-winning, Sundance-backed documentary series follows four transgender Americans of color and their often-unheard stories of family, community, love, and fighting for a more inclusive America. It exposes the realities of not only being trans, but how being trans affects and overlaps with being a veteran, an immigrant, a survivor of trauma, and being an American.

America in Transition was directed by André Pérez, a Puerto Rican, transgender filmmaker, educator, and community organizer. He has a long history of queer and trans activism, including beginning the Transgender Oral History Project in 2008; co-founding grassroots, transitional housing programs for LGBTQ youth in Chicago; and interviewing hundreds of queer and trans voices for NPR and WBEZ. Revry is a queer-owned online streaming service specializing exclusively in queer media.

America in Transition premieres worldwide today at Revry. The first three episodes are available for free.

Photo courtesy of America in Transition on Facebook