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Mile High Comics has been hosting “Drag for All Ages” for some time now, and it’s become a safe haven for youth to do drag. However, there are still some hateful protesters who want to stand in the way of the love these kids feel for their art.

Yesterday, loud and aggressive protesters gathered outside the comic shop to try and put a damper on things, but the local community wasn’t having it.

The Parasol Patrol, a local group that helps protect people from aggressive protesters, was on-hand with rainbow umbrellas to help shield the kids and their parents from seeing any signs or hearing any yells from the crowd. 

“We just saw the protesters at the first event … and really wanted to shelter kids from that,” said Pasha Ripley, who co-founded the event, to 9 News

Miss Jessica, the queen who hosts the event, is calling on more queer people to come get involved next week and stand against the protesters.  

“Yesterday’s show was had a small amount of heartache seeing all the hate spewed at an event that does so much good,” she told OUT FRONT. “And all that heartache was overfilled with love, support, and community. It was magical to see what a community coming together looks like. We had Bettie Pages, the Parasol patrol, volunteers, families, so many in the queer/drag community, parents, mile high Mary’s, and so many more make especially yesterday special. Most importantly, yesterday was a true test and proof that ‘Loves always wins!’”

The protesters held signs saying things like “sexualizing kids is not love” and “child drag is child abuse.”

Next time there is an all-ages drag show, we hope Mile High Comics can count on even more members of the community showing up to provide support.