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We’re excited to brighten your weekend with a new record from super-queer and super-impressive electronic artist Autophonix! Their new album, Buzzkill, is out today and is being independently distributed.

Autophonix is the primary alias of Brooklyn-based producer, sound designer, performance artist, and DJ Ryan Natsis. Their work as an electronic artist is rooted in DIY, experimental culture and is influenced by sound art, punk aesthetics, and surrealism, resulting in dark left-of-field electronica.

These sonic paintings composed of mutating synthesizers and distorted analog instruments are a part of their creative practice in raising visibility for LGBTQ people in music technology, as well as utilizing sound as a tool for connection and community healing,” they said about their recent project.

“Buzzkill kind of emerged from this insensitivity I experienced around my mental illness and identity,” they explained about the compelling track. “It’s something I’ve been called as an insult for not laughing at sexist jokes, or for experiencing depression in public spaces, which was very frustrating—if someone you care about is feeling suicidal, how could your first reaction be, ‘Whats wrong with you? Why can’t you just be happy? Why do you have to be such a buzzkill?’ So the title song is a declaration of owning that. I’m not going to laugh at your jokes at the expense of others; I’m not going to smile because a man told me to; I’m not going to pretend to be happy if I’m not.”

This brutal, honest look at something a lot of us face every day is paired down to the rawest emotions we feel on a daily basis if we’re told we’re too sensitive or if our feelings are ignored. Somehow, Autophonix manages to capture that with one strong, powerful track that will be resonating with us for days to come.

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