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At an event last weekend, one activist felt that Caitlyn Jenner wasn’t welcome.

Jenner attended a Trans Chorus of Las Angeles performence on Saturday, and according to New Now Nextwas accosted by Wear Your Voice editor Ashlee Marie Preston.

“It’s really fucked up that you are here,” Preston told Jenner. “Some people may be afraid to confront you for being here, but I am not. You are directly responsible for what has happened with transgender soldiers and the military. I am not afraid to say it to you.”

Dena Williams, co-chair of the chorus, tried to defuse tensions and come to Jenner’s defense. Preston had some words for her in response.

“You are complicit!” she fired at Williams. “Taking her money… makes you complicit. It goes against the [chorus’] mission, Dena! We are the ones impacted by the choices that you make. It’s not okay. It’s not okay.”

“You don’t know me,” replied Jenner in an attempt at self-defense.

Preston responded, “Yes I do! We all do! You are a fraud!”

Preston has since resigned from the chorus as a sign of protest. Jenner is under fire because she originally supported Trump, claiming she felt she could educate him on LGBTQ issues.

What do you think? Was Jenner out of line for showing up, or was Preston in the wrong for confronting her? Let us know in the comments.