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The new decade is a time for celebration, and after 30 years of perfecting the art of pool party, The Dinah are looking to make this year’s annual event a standout from all the others.

Known as the infamous spring break for the queer ladies, The Dinah has become world-famous as the must-do weekend in April. This year, from April 1-6, the takeover will transform the Hilton in Palm Springs from sleepy golf resort to a plethora of bathing beauties. The greatest celebration of all, though, is that The Dinah is known for providing a safe space for women to authentically connect with other queer women.

Boasted as the largest lesbian event on the planet, The Dinah will feature pool parties, night parties, musical performances, comedy nights, celebrity meet and greets, red carpet appearances, DJ battles, and more. This year’s musical guest headliner is Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke, who has recently announced a brand-new solo venture and a fresh single, “No Good.”

The spirit of The Dinah is to celebrate women paving their own path, breaking the glass ceiling, and letting talent shine so that representation is both honest and intentional. As Brooke is setting on her own, new path of individual creativity outside of the collective mission of Fifth Harmony, The Dinah is providing a space for her to show off what she’s got and prove the significance of women elevating women.

“I always wanted to create community, to provide an event that conveyed female importance and worth,” Mariah Hanson, creator of Club Skirts The Dinah Shore, told OUT FRONT last year in an exclusive interview. “We need our very own spaces to celebrate our lives and the culture that is uniquely LGBTQ. While society is integrating more and more, we still need our own, singular events to unite us through the common thread of our shared experience as LGBTQ people.”

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It was through recognizing the need that queer folks, and specifically those who identify as women, need their own safe spaces that the vision was born 30 years ago. Now, through annual staples like the Black and White Ball and the Hollywood Party, folks from all over the world gather to spot the celebrities, splish-splash at the massive pool parties, and ultimately build community.

“The Dinah strives to be more than a party,” Hanson said. “It serves to remind ourselves each year that we are a powerful and inspirational community, and we deserve the very best life has to offer. If we can change one life and make one person feel like they belong, we’ve done good work.”

*Photo by Molly Adams Photography