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As Denver is becoming known nationwide as a city budding with local musical talent, it is best recognized for certain sounds associated with mountain life and hipsters galore. While the current idea of genre is becoming obsolete, and artists constantly push the boundaries of samples and collaborations, there still remain certain subsets of music that are overlooked by the mainstream. A new partnership is looking to change that, however, and it’s the synth scene that is leaping to the forefront.

Synth-pop band Retrofette and talent buyer Randall Frazier have combined forces with a new party, Nightwaves, as a way to bring attention to local artists by connecting them with acts on a wider, national platform. The monthly electronic dance party is moving forward with a narrow focus and goal, putting Denver’s electronic scene on the map.

“It’s depressing to look at Hot Chip’s North American tour and see that Denver didn’t get a date,” said Retrofette frontman Sean Culliton. “That’s a missed opportunity for Denver’s electronic music fans and artists alike. We want to make Denver a must-stop location for bands on that level. We have the fans; we just don’t have the notoriety.”

Nightwaves intention is to create a space for electronic and synth fans, bringing them all under one roof, and connecting the communities with new music. Providing a venue for touring bands and a pre-existing audience can then entice those acts to come to the city which they may have previously skipped.  Retrofette and Frazier believe that the scene in Denver is vibrant enough that this monthly dance party could be the beginning of a movement for the city.

“Retrofette’s main goal has always been to make people dance. With the combined force of ours and Randall’s connections, we’ll be collaborating with the best artists and music professionals on a local and national level just to create the craziest dance party Denver has ever seen,” said Culliton.

The first installment of Nightwaves will be held tonight, July 11, at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox, and Matthew Dear, Rumtum, DEBR4H, and Retrofette (DJ set) will take the stage. The 21+ event will see the doors opening at 8:30 p.m.

*Photos provided by Retrofette