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President Trump issued his 2020 State of The Union (SOTU) speech on Tuesday, February 4, further widening the gap between democrats and republicans. He re-affirmed most of what he has been saying in his rallies: the economy has never been better and is pushing increases in military spending. Trump also declared he was the cause of the “Great American Comeback,” and that he has fulfilled his slogan promise of “Making America Great Again.”

Not surprisingly, the president failed to mention his impeachment trial or the multitude of crimes he has been accused of. The democrats were just as rowdy as the republicans. chanting “HR 3,” in reference to a drug bill that will most likely get rejected in the Senate. Nancy Pelosi stole the headlines when she dramatically tore her copy of Trump’s speech in half.

President Trump, as of the release of this article, has been acquitted by the Senate in his impeachment trial.

He used the massive platform of the SOTU to also award Rush Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Limbaugh, a conservative radio talk-show host, was recently diagnosed with cancer. He is known for his criticism of the democratic legislators, used grotesque language about same-gender marriage, has demeaned women, and bashed President Barack Obama on multiple occasions on his radio show.

The LGBTQ community had their rebuttal. Billy Porter gave his own SOTU speech last night which you can watch here.

Mr. Porter stated,

“I’ve been so proud to see the wave of everyday citizens protesting in the streets, engaging with their local governments, running for office, and speaking out in hopes of righting the wrongs occurring all around them. Groundbreaking works of art, theater, and literature from queer creative minds and increasingly rich and diverse representation on television and in films prove that even in its darkest moments, humanity will find the light and shine bright.”

Porter praises the hard work of the LGBTQ community in the arts and government and spoke truthfully and honestly, which is truly refreshing after a SOTU like what we just witnessed with 45. We as the people of the United Sates can stand against these injustices when we stand together.