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The Black Actors Guild and WeAreDenver are teaming up to bring a 24/7 “Livestream Network” of local, Denver artists to life! The goal of the network is to help support artists in this strange time while also creating a centralized platform for patrons of the arts to watch, love, and support their magic.

WeAreDenver, who previously installed and ran “The Empathy Museum” in downtown Denver, are a community-minded creative company that wants to get artists compensated but also doesn’t want to take away from the other, important fundraising efforts happening across the city.

The Black Actors Guild have produced a series of hit, local theatre shows, just celebrated their ten-year anniversary, and have been teaching in dozens of schools around DPS and APS. The problem is that schools are closed–so the guild are looking for ways to share games and classes with the public for free.

Through this medium, viewers can donate directly to artists they love or to the general fund, which will be distributed evenly to all aired applicants. This is a way to centralize what many artists have been doing already.

“We’re going to be showcasing Denver local talent and encouraging viewers to donate directly,” organizer Ryan Foo told OUT FRONT.  Artists’ Venmo, Patreon, Bandcamp, or other links to their work will be listed at the bottom of the screen as they perform. “It’s a way for artists to share an optimistic message, check in with how they’re doing, and to be reciprocated for sharing some of their dopeness online.”

So far, they’ve received around 50 videos but are looking for more. Once they have enough content, they’ll go live, and they promise all content will be accessible. If you or anyone you know would like to contribute content, whether its music, performance art, classes, live painting, etc., applications and additional information can be found here.