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lesbian issues

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Student hopes sit-in will yield GSA at private-religious high school

Like most of his fellow seniors at Regis Jesuit High School, Shea Dietz is preparing for finals. Anxious for graduation. Day dreaming of summer. His future. But there's something else: Dietz is planning a sit-in at his school after the administration has refused to allow the senior to form a Gay-Straight Alliance....

Stuff Gay People Like: Copying lesbian haircuts

Stuff gay people like affectionately refers to these and all other hairstyles moving through a gender-neutral social phase as “bottom-tops.” Soon, each style will diverge into numerous manifestations as every kind of group adopts them differently; a slightly more restrained form of a hairdo will develop for straight men, a version with longer length will pop up for straight women and a $5,000-apiece highlighted adaptation will become popular in Hollywood....