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Equality opponents, the Religious Right, bullying, anti-LGBT groups, hate groups and high-profile homophobia affecting the LGBT community

From the Editor: Religion is more than theology

I left Catholicism carrying something resembling post-traumatic stress disorder. A sick feeling arose in my stomach whenever I came face-to-face with the rituals and traditions that had once meant so much to me. I think this is a common experience, though not as much as it was for gay Catholics 50 years ago. ...

Interview: Dan Savage on love and why he’s not a bully

In his two-decade career as a sex-advice columnist, and more recently as creator of the It Gets Better Project, Dan Savage has entertained readers with his frankness and inspired queer kids with his encouragement – even when some people would rather he just go away. Those same people – critics who have called him racist, transphobic, the devil and even The Gay Fred Phelps – are the ones he takes on in our recent interview....
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Faith & Spirit: Family, faith and conflict over the holidays

For many of us, the holiday season is a cherished time of year. Whatever our cultural heritage, most of us have fond memories of holiday gatherings with extended family, school parties or special religious services (like caroling, midnight Mass or lighting the Chanukah candles). ...