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“It’s just another day in the world under this administration,” congresswoman Ayanna Pressley recently said to the Boston Globe. “I never use the word you used—president—to describe him,” she explained to the reporter. “I refer to him as ‘the occupant.’ He simply occupies the space. He embodies zero of the qualities and the principles, the responsibility, the grace, the integrity, the compassion, of someone who would truly embody that office.”

Just another day in the United States under the Trump administration, a sentence we often find ourselves repeating with a bit of a downturned nod of the head. The latest cause of the ceaseless reiteration was the xenophobic and racist Twitter comment unleashed by 45 on Pressley, in addition to three other women members of Congress.

Deemed “The Squad,” Pressley, alongside Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are the four women who are under the latest attack from the POTUS. Fearlessly, the quad-squad-fecta have been unleashing on Trump, calling out the hateful rhetoric, challenging the American people to be better than their own “leader.” 

To no surprise, many have taken to Twitter themselves in order to get into the conversation, regardless of how much or little they understand about the current state of the States.

Nevertheless, “The Squad” are looking for more people to join them in the fight for advocacy and visibility, not just in congress, but for all who are in support of the idea that America is better than this.