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The entire country is reeling from the tragedy in Charlottesville this weekend. Not only is the tragedy of untimely death sending the nation reeling, people are shocked, almost numb, about the reality that is Nazis, the KKK, and white supremecists taking the streets. The negativity and threat is real, and no one is exempt from this hate.

That’s right; the hate groups at the rally found the time to shout gay slurs during the demonstration as well. They screamed “F*ck you, f*ggots” during the fatal protest, the same one that resulted in loss of life when a car plowed into the counterprotesters and when a hellecopter containing law enforcement personel went down.

Hating queers is part of this agenda of fear and terror. We fit into the category of “other” along with racial and ethnic minorities. If you happen to identify as trans or nonbinary, or if you are a person of color or Jewish, or even just a cisgender female, you will feel this threat doubly, almost like every part of you is being hated and questioned.

So what can we do in light of these bleak events, these horrors? The best thing we can do is band together. OUT FRONT’s mission statement details that every, single person has a story to tell and contributes to the vibrancy of the fabric of life. We are all important, and we are all under threat. Those we might have turned to in the past for protection, the administration in the white house, are actually the reason this kind of hate and bigotry is being tolerated. This means that we have to stick together, watch eachother’s backs.

So how can we do this? Going to protests or putting your talents as a writer, artist, or doctor to good use via activism are all fantastic ways to get involved, but they aren’t possible for everyone. The acts can be small. Stand up against racism, homophobia, and sexism when you hear them dropped casually in conversation. Walk home or carpool in groups with your other queer friends in order to keep an eye on each other. Share online articles that call out bigotry or prejudice so that others know.

This isn’t going to be easy, and things might get worse before they get better. But one way or another, we will stand by eachother and keep the LGBTQ community and other minority communities protected all by ourselves. Be careful, stay safe, and look out for eachother.