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Hello , my name is Luz Meza. I am currently 16, and I go to school at DSST Conservatory Green High School. I am excited for the new experiences that will come out of being an intern at OUT FRONT Magazine.

I have been a volunteer at several places, for example Kipp Elementary, Gallery Walk, and many more. I am very indecisive, which many people see as a bad thing, but I think it is a trait that has helped me and pushed me into trying new things. 

Being a Latina and having immigrant parents changes the way you see things and certain experiences that one gets to have. Of course, there is the single mother, no father story that you have probably heard before, but I chose to make my story different.

Coming from both immigrant parents and growing up without a father figure does influence your life and what you have set for your future. With this, I have come to realize the value of opportunities that are given to you. You always have to take that extra step, because you never know what you will come across in-between that step.

Along with the sentimental story, I like to go out and have fun. I go out dancing with my friends, and we go out to eat. I like the outdoors and going on hikes and seeing the views. 

I hope that being an intern at OUT FRONT will be an experience in which both parties can benefit from each other. I can learn so much from the people here, just like they can learn from me. This is for both sides to grow and to teach. Hopefully by the end, we can be able to have grown a little.