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To introduce myself, my name is Kai, and I’m an active student in high school who loves to play ice hockey. It is by far my favorite pastime whenever and wherever I can. However, photography has always been an interest to me.

Out of the many hockey tournaments that have taken me to new places, I’ve always gathered loads of pictures to look back on. Whenever I’m not on the ice or the team isn’t doing an activity, you can find me exploring with my phone in my hand, snapping all kinds of pictures.

My favorite pictures come from a recent trip to Aspen, Colorado. I went hiking on the Two Bells trail and ventured far into the mountains. There were tons of great opportunity for pictures of trees, peaks, flowers, and more. However, this past winter in Colorado was one of the most devastating in avalanche damage. Thousands of pounds of snow shook the mountains and blasted away trees, but believe it or not, some of these made great pictures. Lots of rivers were rerouted and new waterfalls were created, which made some beautiful scenery.

I absolutely love getting into the wild and taking pictures, so I hope working with OUT FRONT will get me into a new style of photography. I can’t wait to join this team for the next few months to not only help myself, but help the readers of OUT FRONT and make an impact.