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My name is Angel and I’m a Junior in high school, which is so “fun.” I really enjoy writing, whether it be for me or for school, it has always been something that has really impacted me, and it’s a big part of who I am.

I also happen to be a huge theatre geek, and I absolutely adore Hamilton

I’m really excited for the opportunity to work here and get out of my comfort zone. I’m hoping to learn more about formal writing styles compared to the poetry I write on my own. I really just want to grow and learn more as a writer so I can better my personal writing and the writing that’s expected of me at school. This is a poem I wrote, so hopefully it will help you see more of who I am: 

I listen to music

people think it’s stupid 

I’m different but I’m proud of it 

I make mistakes 

but I’m not stupid 

I try my best 

so whether I succeed or not 

that doesn’t matter  

what matters to me 

is the journey 

 I’m told I’m a waste

a waste of space 

a waste of time

but in reality, I’m not 

I’m just me a normal girl who likes to read and write 

a girl who loves music and art 

a girl who can be whoever she wants to be 

so you can judge all you want 

but you don’t get to define me 

only I have that power 

your words can’t destroy me 

they only help me to build myself up 

so I know what I can do to be a better person 

I won’t change myself for you or anyone else 

ill change for me and only me 

 so I don’t care about the drama

or the stereotypes 

or the haters 

I’m focused on myself 

and no one else