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There are many of us that love to get away to exciting destinations. We can check out the sights and be entertained by new hot spots, hidden gems, and some potential new buddies. Despite the exhilaration of visiting an unexplored city, being the new kid on the block or a tourist can also come with some challenges. It should be thrilling but often can be overwhelming or lonely.

Here are some ideas to help ensure you have opportunities to enjoy yourself and get the most out of getting away.

Use Your Resources

Along with books and internet sources, take the time to chat with people who have visited those places. Sometimes, the most highly acclaimed sites may also be considered overrated, and you might choose not to waste the effort going there. You only have a limited amount of time, so make the most of it.

Do It With a Local

Finding people who know the lay of the land can be very helpful. Not only might they have some fantastic suggestions on where to go and when to get there, but they can also be a wonderful social conduit to introduce you to many other people. We all know how difficult it can be to break into conversations with people in a group. Having a great ambassador that can introduce you to their buddies can be a real plus.

Log On and Log Out of Your Apps

Using technology is a fantastic way to gain information, flirt with someone sexy, or connect with people for a variety of activities. The important thing is to balance time looking at your phone and looking at the beautiful surroundings. Utilize all of your tools to get what you want, but be careful about getting stuck in cyberspace when you could be enjoying the outside world.

Go With the Flow

I understand the importance of having a well-planned trip. Spend time scheduling transportation and tickets for those things you really want to experience, but have the flexibility to simply chill out or rearrange plans if an awesome opportunity comes around.

Be Courteous to the Staff

This is generally considered to be an extremely important tenet of existing in our society, but it is especially true when visiting a new place. Smile while you’re asking for extra towels and thank the staff for being pleasant. Make it a point to be extra nice to restaurant and shop staff. Not only could you get better service, but staff members can be incredible resources in pointing you in a good direction. You never know who can be beneficial, so be nice to everyone.