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As we go along our normal lives, we notice things that catch our eye. It happens when we are watching a screen or shopping in a store. We see those items that make us want to check them out more or possess them for ourselves. It also happens when you see someone intriguing that makes you drool.

It’s not unusual to be walking around and notice people that turn you on, but the choices you make after the initial discovery of someone stimulating can influence potential success or an abysmal failure in connecting with them. Here are some common behaviors that can be easily corrected with a little attention and practice. Consider some of these suggestions before you move in for the kill, choke on your own drool, or eyesappear quite creepy and annoying while you follow them around like a crazy stalker.

Glance or scan, don’t stare

Although physical beauty may be something you could stare at for hours, it can put off a strange vibe to others. Our first natural desire maybe to focus an intense visual interest on a person, but staring them down most likely won’t give you the results that you’re hoping for. Feel free to enjoy the scenery without being hypnotized by its radiant beauty.

Watch where you’re looking

Someone may have an amazingly tantalizing body part, but be aware of having a laser-focus while checking it out. Not only can it come across as getting in someone’s personal space, it also can be potentially sexually inappropriate depending on where you are looking. Getting slapped, thrown out of a place, or called a pervert is probably not high on your list of desired outcomes.

Walk by, don’t circle

Maybe you’ll want another look at somebody adorable. Circling around them like a hungry vulture makes you seem like a scary predator waiting to get them in your mouth. Take a quick look, go do something, and then walk back for another glimpse. Take your time. You’re not running laps in gym class.

Don’t look away if you get caught looking

Our first instinct may be to feel embarrassment or act shy if we make eye contact with the object of our affection. Avoiding this type of initial connection can show a lack of self-esteem or self-confidence. Simply smile or give a quick nod with a cute grin. This exchange may be the first step into actually talking to them.

Say something

There is truly no harm in giving a pleasant greeting to anyone, not just the attractive ones. Striking up a conversation may be challenging, especially when feelings of fear of rejection or nervousness makes our brain seem to shut down. Take social cues from your environment. If you’re in a bookstore, discuss a novel in the section. If you’re outside, make a comment about the weather or how you love fall colors. You may also want to consider staying away from talking about how much you want to massage their sexy body parts.

Give a compliment

I would not recommend starting off with an exhaustive list of why you think that person is so hot or expressing the scripted scene you want to do with them. Telling somebody that you like their shirt or tattoo artwork is a relatively non-aggressive way of breaking into a conversation. Just say something complimentary without sounding fake. Don’t forget to treat them like a human being, not a slab of meat.