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Unfortunately, we all have horror stories about exciting, intimate exchanges ruined by rotten make-out techniques. For many of us, kissing is an important and sexy precursor to other hot activities. Without it, an intimate connection may not be formed. Some of us can actually enjoy it more than sex or getting off. It is important to develop good skills.

Pay attention to your partner

Being aware of someone’s body language and how they are responding to you is helpful in determining if they are enjoying what is happening. If you are unsure, don’t be afraid to ask how they are feeling or how they like to kiss.

Consider it a dance

Very rarely is someone completely in control of a make-out session. It is a shared activity, and the people involved should both have influence over how it goes. Take opportunities to switch off who is driving the make-out bus.

Don’t be afraid to take over

If things are going badly or getting out of control, it is your choice to put on the brakes and try to make the situation better. Although it may be somewhat uncomfortable or awkward, stopping the action to make suggestions or let them know how you like to kiss can help save the encounter. If it doesn’t get better, you can move on to other activities or decide to run away.

Kissing is more than just with your lips

Consider using your tongue to lick their lips or nibble gently on their bottom lip. Think about using your mouth in more creative ways.

Use other body parts, too

There is nothing wrong with using your hands to caress, rub, or grope other body parts during your lip lock. Grinding with other body parts is also a great way to propel your intimate exchange to the next level. It doesn’t always have to go to a crotch grab. Take your time to explore your partner.

Try something different

As with many other activities, there are multiple ways to kiss skillfully. Not everyone enjoys the same things, and we can all improve our methods. Take opportunities to learn new skills that offer a variety of ways to cause pleasure with your mouth.

Open your eyes

Looking at your partner while you have your tongue in their mouth is a great way to let them know you’re really into what is going on. Of course, it may also be so hot that your eyes roll back in your head. Keeping your eyes closed may put out the impression that you’re not paying attention or thinking about something or someone else.

Pay attention

Take some lessons from the person who is putting their tongue in your mouth. Be aware if they seem reserved, uncomfortable, or fidgety. This can signal that things aren’t going as well as they could be.

Give feedback

Letting someone know what turns us on helps us ensure that we leave a situation feeling awesome and fulfilled. Don’t be afraid to give a little feedback. Hopefully they will also want to make sure you are having a blast.

Practice, practice, practice

This is how you get good at anything, theoretically, unless you do it badly over and over. Be open to learning new approaches to cause pleasure and find some sexy people for training exercises.