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As Thanksgiving draws closer, so does the daunting task of trying to swat away rude remarks from “Aunt Susan.” Almost all of us have that one family member who just doesn’t seem to get it and constantly makes it their mission to “fix” us. Can’t fix flawless, Susan! We shouldn’t have to, duh… But you can’t please everyone, so we’ve made a list of ways to prevent freaking Susan from ruining our Thanksgiving.

Laugh. It doesn’t have to be directly at Aunt Susan, but when she makes some snooty remark about how she wants to introduce you to her preacher friend, laughing is as much of a non-response as it is a response. Plus, it’s hard to argue with your smile!

Go ahead and enthusiastically agree. This is my fave. When she drops the, “You know, I think I’ve got some great boys for you!” enthusiastically nodded and act like you’re #stoked. This will either throw her off enough to get her to walk away, or encourage her further… If she keep gabbing away, give her the “Wow thanks!” and roll your eyes when she walks away feeling helpful AF.

Bring a friend with you! Obviously let your fam know first so they can plan accordingly. Not a chance is Aunt Susan going to embarrass herself in front of a guest. Well… at least we hope!

Just be you. If Aunt Susan is going to be her truest self (however foul it may be), you absolutely deserve to do the same. You don’t owe her a damn thing!

Let her know how you feel. This is tricky, because unfortunately, not all “Aunt Susans” care to listen. But sometimes, giving people insight into how their comments affect you can really open their eyes. It might not change their opinions, but it might silence them enough for you to grab some pumpkin pie in peace.